Just Another of the Usual Suspects

Hallo there! I’m Robin Metcalf, the next in our caravan of fine introductions. Can I interest you in a ‘well met’, or ‘how d’you do’? The locals seem to be quite fond of ‘hiya’, but to each his own I suppose. As for me, well now I was a second year student in the Classical Studies program at Western University last year – and will be one in the third year next year – so I suppose I should be traditional and greet you with some latin. Salvete omnes!

I’m certain you have heard about yesterday’s adventures in the anaerobic depths of Vindolanda’s mud, but today we took a different tack. Taking the bus to Birdoswald, we began a long hike along Hadrian’s wall and over the Nine Nicks of Thirlwall, though not before stopping at the museum at Birdoswald for a look at the fort’s remains and of course the remarkable wax effigy of Tony Wilmott. Star of the museum, really.

It was a stunning reversal of situations. Yesterday we were on hands and knees, digging through the mud. Today I stood atop a crag along the wall and felt the fierce north wind try to push me down the hill behind. All they had in common was the sense of elation I felt on both occasions.

Some simple climbing skills make for an excellent photo op!
Some simple climbing skills make for an excellent photo op!

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