First Post

Hello! My name is Stephanie Miller. This was my fourth year at the University of Western Ontario but I will be back for a fifth. I am doing a double major in Bio-Archaeological Anthropology and Earth Sciences, while also doing a minor in Classical Studies. I really just can’t focus on one subject because I love everything and can’t choose. I really love the ancient world, artifacts, identifying rocks and minerals, but my specialty is with bones.

This is my first real archaeological dig (and also my first time across the ocean). I did take a field methods class at the Archaeology museum in London ON, but it definitely is not the same experience as excavating at a Roman military fort, digging up stone buildings and all of these other cool things we can find in anaerobic soil (like leather and bones for example). To me this site is a lot more interesting than Ontario archaeology.

I am in love with the scenery of this country. I love the rolling green fields spotted with animals and stone walls. Walking along makes me feel like it is a scene out of Lord of the Rings. Although all the cow and sheep noises make me think of the Jurassic Park theme song. I would love to ditch technology and just stay in the country all the time.

I survived the long hike we did today! It was a big accomplishment as I am terrified of heights. There were some scary parts but I made it through.

I am looking forward to learning all about the sites and the Romans. This is an experience of a lifetime and will hopefully really help me to choose my career path.

Steph's 1st Bone at VFS
Steph holding a very interesting bone from the anaerobic layers, from an animal, probably part of the skull. My best guess (because I am not 100% sure of animals or am a qualified expert yet) is a vomer (which is a piece in the nose area)!
Crossing a field wall.
The first long hike. This is how you cross field walls so the animals don’t get out!

3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Hello Stephanie – good to read your post and glad you are enjoying the countryside as much as the excavation. Perhaps soon you will be able to tell us what animal the vomer is from?

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