Hey Everyone!

Hello family, friends, faculty, and whoever else decided to read this post,

I’m Nikki Michienzi and this is my first time excavating anywhere in the world, and my first blog post. Whoa, a lot of new things in one day! Well actually a lot of new things since I’ve come to England!!!! Anyways, as I’ve said this is my first time excavating and I am super excited to be a part of the Vindolanda Field School. I was born and raised in London… Ontario that is, and I live there with my wonderful family who I hope is reading this! 😉

I am soon to be a fourth year student at Western University pursuing an honours specialization in History with a major in Classical Studies. So far it’s been an experience interacting with people in the classics department, but one that I like. The others on this trip are a great bunch with witty senses of humour and a high tolerance for the whipping winds and rain in England!

Thus far I’ve had a great time experiencing the site. Walking through a place that was built by people not unlike us over 1000 years ago has been amazing. It really makes history come alive! Wow that gives me goosebumps! Those of you in history or classics know what I mean, and for those who don’t, Vindolanda truly makes you aware of the Roman experience, and our job as historians to preserve this kind of site. I’ve enjoyed every bit of the summer so far, you know, except for the hiking up hills part, but by the end of the six weeks I’m hoping to actually walk up them and not die. Guess I’ll keep everyone posted on that!Thanks for reading this and I would love to hear your comments!


9 thoughts on “Hey Everyone!

  1. Awesome first blog post Nikki! We can’t wait to read what you will be up to next! I love your picture, definitely made me think of the costumes worn in Gladiator!

  2. By the end of the trip you’ll be taking those hills like a champ. Believe you me, no one likes them the first week (at least not me anyway).

  3. It’s great to read the blog posts and follow along as you all get going this summer at Vindolanda. Love the photo of you here, Nikki!

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