first ever blog post!

Hello to everyone!! My name is Mary Simonds and this is my first time excavating at Vindolanda, and my first time doing any kind of excavating at all (first time blogging as well for that matter!). It’s amazing to be back in the UK, I lived here for three years when I was a child and have not been back since so this was an excellent opportunity for me to return! I am a Cultural Anthropology major and I am minoring in Classical Studies. I will be entering my fourth year of university at Western in September and hopefully in one year’s time I will be finished my degree and be moving onto Grad school. This field school is the perfect opportunity for me to combine my knowledge of anthropology and classics and get some valuable real world experience in the field of archaeology. Today was our first day on site and it was truly spectacular!! No amount of photos and lectures could have prepared us for how incredible Vindolanda is; it’s so exciting to see everything we have learned about in classrooms for the past few years for real!! It’s only the end of day one but I know this is going to be an experience of a liftetime!! Keep following for updates and photos!!


This is me on our first trip into Hexham 🙂

One thought on “first ever blog post!

  1. Great picture of you in the stocks! I think that we should get a set for the Department. They would be decorative as well as useful!

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