Field School students move on to new places …

Well, it’s just not the same here without the field school students! Alas, the trench forges ahead. I thought I’d let you all know what everyone is up to now. Everyone headed off into their different directions, off to new adventures at home and abroad. We dropped everyone off at the train station to head to various spots around the world.I’ll update the trench for everyone soon so you don’t forget about us still hanging out in this rain. For now, here’s an update on everyone’s next stop…


The Sarahs (and their 3 bags each 😉 head off to Berlin for a 4-week intensive German language course. I’m quite jealous remembering that my first European trip at age 16 brought me to Berlin and my first dance club!


Andrew heads to Newcastle airport with his friend Sam to fly to Rome. Naturally jealous of that for obvious reasons! Andrew will also visit the Etruscan sites to the north of Rome at Florence, Cervetri and Tarquinia. A must see!!


Alicia and Lauren head to Manchester airport to return to Ontario. Say hi if you see them back in London! Paulina went south to London (UK that is) and Bath before heading to Poland.


Rachael heads for Manchester airport and the warmer, and I imagine drier, climes of southern Ontario.

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