Vindolanda “Friends Night”

Although it came a week early, we’ve had our first round of goodbyes!


Last night, the Friends of Vindolanda celebrated a “Friends Night”. The Friends of Vindolanda, a group of people who support the site and its facilities from year to year, are essential to the future of the site. Their generous contributions help the Vindolanda Trust to maintain the museum and the site, as well as run the archaeological excavation and research program.


After a fantastic talk from the Chair of the Vindolanda Trust, there was a fabulous reception at the Vindolanda Museum. We had a chance to talk to volunteers we had never met before. It was also nice to catch up with those who we have dug with over the past month!


Alicia and I pose with our new friends in the Vindolanda Museum. The primus pilus on the right has a Canadian wolf draped over his helmet. Personally, I think that it looks way cooler than a lion!

The night was capped off by an terrific presentation by the Ermine Street Guard. The group, with their homemade gear is famous all across Europe for their historical displays and their reenactments as Roman legionary soldiers. The show was fantastic- the soldiers marched in formation, as well as demonstrated the accurate use of their weapons!


The Ermine Street Guard lining up in formation, preparing to give a marching display.
The Ermine Street Guard’s equipment and tents. Each tent takes a whopping 750 hours to make!


Friends Night was definitely a night to remember. However, it was also a bittersweet festivity, since it marked the beginning of the last week of our amazing experience.

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