Snaps of the flood yesterday

I didn’t get too terribly many pictures since things were a bit frantic trying to divert water, but here goes:

The crew stands by our trench (no this isn’t a pond nearby) after the deluge.

The clean up began this morning and if you can believe it by 10am we were back in business; all this water was gone and we had a full day of dry, breezy and warm excavation. The transformation can be unbelievable. We didn’t even have a trench wall collapse anywhere–shocking with so much water pressure on a deep trench. We power on.

Alicia and Paulina bail out the shallow trenches with buckets and scoops.
This is how we get gallons of water out of the deep trenches rather quickly.
Sarah T. and Andrew get the hose as far from the trench as possible.
Mike, Rachael and Paulina sponge up the small puddles after the large ones have been pumped out.
Lauren has it right with the ultimate waterproof gear–shorts!


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