The Tower “Experts” (plus a new “What Is It!”)


The Lake District was another tick off the list of amazing Vindolanda Field School field trips. A lot of these excursions involve roaming around public fields, since it’s usually in the middle of a long-forgotten and overgrown field where Roman remains can be found. It’s quite a sight for the people walking by to see a group of 10 people walking around merrily in their Wellies and rain trousers; especially since most of the time they have no clue what it is that we find so interesting!


A lot of the forts in Roman Britain have a standard layout. There are obviously some oddities and exceptions from the rule, but in general there are patterns in the construction. We’ve become very good at knowing where certain buildings should be found in a typical Roman fort. We’re especially good at identifying the corner towers- Andrew Dodd has become our official “tower expert”. Basically, whenever Beth asks Andrew what a feature is, the group knows to scream, “TOWER!” in perfect unison… (thankfully, they haven’t figured out our trick yet).


That brings us to the question of the day: What building are Alicia, Andrew, Alex and I standing in at Ambleside (Roman Galava) Fort? This building is a very important part of the fort- and the key to keeping the soldiers happy and far from mutiny!


What Is It?






8 thoughts on “The Tower “Experts” (plus a new “What Is It!”)

  1. Hello Vindolanders – I decided to sit this one out, but will say that visions of Wheetabix did come to mind when I saw the building plan 🙂

    1. Sounds like someone’s been to Roman Britain, perhaps even Vindolanda!

      Okay, can anyone guess who Chris Meyer is?

  2. Thanks for the hint, Dr. O! I’m guessing it’s got something to do with the camp followers: a marketplace for spending one’s legionary pay on cheap wine, fast food, trinkets and new socks?

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