The Great Flood

A guided tour of our excavations after a night of torrential rain, hosted by Beth and featuring Alex and Mike.

2 thoughts on “The Great Flood

  1. Well, it’s a formula taking into consideration health and safety, the archaeology below and general comfort. Usually if things are too slippery and dangerous then we’re done, but you’d be surprised how quickly it does dry up. If the particular area being worked is very soft, therefore the rain creates a situation where our feet would damage the archaeology, then we’re also done. We could be working on clay, which is quite robust and wouldn’t be damaged, but it’s slippery and then we have problem number one. If it is just pelting down and conditions are generally miserable, we’re done. Basically, if you always waited for the rain to stop here you’d never do anything, so we’ve devised ways to work through a lot, but we must be sensible. Today was simply extraordinary…but this too will dry and we’ll move on. Thanks for asking!

  2. What a great video — but my goodness, what rain. It is hard to believe that it will dry out enough for you to continue excavating. How much rain do you need to have to call off the excavation?

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