New Feature! “What is it?”

This is the first “What is it?” post. What is Alicia holding in her hand?

Here are some hints: we don’t normally equate this type of find with the Romans. It’s a natural object only slightly altered by human hands.

Tell us what you think it is!



6 thoughts on “New Feature! “What is it?”

  1. Hello Alicia – could this be a piece of worked chert? Adding to Randy’s suggestion for use, if this were found in the Mediterranean we would assume it was some form of cutting tool (leather working is one common purpose or for butchering animals), but would’t a ‘civilized’ Roman use metal tools? Maybe a local ‘barbarian’ shoemaker from the vicus?!?

  2. Oh, man. I wasn’t in time, but I was totally going to say it was stone and not seashell. A razor maybe?

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