The Romans in Scotland!

Scotland was amazing! Our first stop was to check out the forts to the north of Hadrian’s Wall in southern Scotland. The fort at Risingham (Habitancum) is absolutely amazing, especially the ditch system that still stands out impressively in the landscape. Below you can see us all standing on the ditches outside the fort.Image

We’re standing in the fort here with all the lumps and bumps of the unexcavated walls and features from the fort buildings. Beth and Lauren are standing in the fort gate and the rest of the group on the left standing on the high ground left behind by the gate tower.


There’s a fort called Newstead (Trimontium) also in southern Scotland that has had tons of amazing finds out of it during excavations earlier in the 20th century. Complete wagon wheels, cavalry masks, tools and loads of other finds that tell an amazing amount about the Romans who lived at the site. The museum in nearby Melrose (where there is also a fabulous Medieval abbey) has some of this material, but more importantly, they have dress up gear! Here’s a Roman soldier (Lauren Flynn) and his lovely “wife” (Andrew Dodd). Soldiers weren’t legally allowed to marry, but they certainly had unofficial wives and families while in the army.


One thought on “The Romans in Scotland!

  1. Some real ancient Britons at last! Did the museum have any woad dye available? It would be interesting to see if Caesar was right in saying that the blue made the Britons more terrible in appearance in battle (it didn’t work for Mel Gibson). Of course, the traditional blue would have clashed with the dress above…

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