Cobbling Together the Past



Everyday we arrive on site by 9 am and have a half hour to look over what was done in our trench the day before and make notes in our dig journals. We also have a great opportunity to discuss findings and observations with the rest of the group.

For the past few days Lauren, Rachael and the Sarahs have been removing a Victorian cobblestone feature that led to some Victorian pottery, glass and nail finds. Part of this feature ended up being a Roman drain but sadly our cobblestones didn’t turn up anything quite that exciting.

3 thoughts on “Cobbling Together the Past

  1. Hello Sarah – do you have much post-Roman signs of activity at Vindolanda? Is the Victorian cobblestone feature unusual and what was going at the site in the 19th C. CE?

    1. We have some evidence of post-Roman activity at Vindolanda. I can’t comment about the prevalence of it on the main site but in the North Field we have found quite a bit of Victorian-era pottery in the plough zone and in the layers just below it. I don’t think the cobblestone feature is unusual for the area. The field we are digging in is quite broken up with a lot of dips in areas so to me it seems like a logical step to attempt to fill some areas in with stones to try and make the area more flat. The trench is also on the side of a hill and filling in the dips could possibly have helped with drainage since there is always a lot of water around. The area is predominately agriculturally focussed so I believe that there was a lot of sheep grazing going on in the 19th century much like there is today. Hope that answers some questions! We are all enjoying ourselves so much!

      1. Thank you for the feedback Sarah. The agricultural use of the land in the 19th C. C.E. explains the Victorian presence in the plough soil. Fortunately by the sounds of it there was no deep ploughing so the Roman levels are undisturbed.

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