Hiking the central sector of Hadrian’s Wall

On Sunday the entire field school hiked the central sector of Hadrian’s Wall from the fort at Carvoran (Magna) to Housesteads (Vercovicium).  We covered about ten miles of tough terrain over the “Nine Nicks of Thirlwall.”  Along the way we saw the tallest standing section of the wall, three Roman forts, ten milecastles, and almost twenty turrets.


After buying some fudge at the National Park shop, we started out at about 10am under drizzling skies but with high spirits.
Our first stop was at the tallest surviving section of the wall.
Andrew, Mike and Alex look forward to the landscape we were about to hike over.
The whole gang starting one of the easier climbs of the day.
At about noon we stopped at Great Chesters Fort (Roman Aesica) for a quick lunch and a short epigraphy lesson (you can see a Roman altar standing in situ inside the fort).
While at Great Chesters we took a few minutes to study some epigraphy.
Lauren, Sarah, Sarah, Alicia and Paulina stopped for a breather and some school spirit above one of the wall turrets.
Mike approaches a milecastle (number 39) on the most dramatic part of the wall.
The rain kicked in again as we approached Sycamore Gap, about two miles from the end of our hike.
Although it was getting wet, we took a moment to admire the view back towards the beginning of our hike.
“Don’t worry, Alicia, it’s just over the next hill. Promise.”
At this point we had to put the cameras away because of the torrential rain, but spirits were still high enough for bunny ears when we got to shelter at Housesteads.

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