A View from the Bottom

A View from the Bottom

Even though it was tough walking up all of the steep hills we climbed, the view was definitely worth it! The only thing that made the natural landscape more breathtaking was Hadrian’s Wall, seen in the background. In this misty, sparsely populated area, it is understandable that the Romans thought that Northern England was at the end of the world!

2 thoughts on “A View from the Bottom

  1. Thanks Professor! Photo credits go to Alex; he succeeded in showing that the Romans really would build anywhere! It takes a monument like Hadrian’s Wall to really make an impression on what seem to be the endless rolling hills of Britain. In a territory like this, the use of the superlative really is in order!

  2. I really like this photo, Paulina. It’s a nice example of ‘product placement,’ as well as a quite stunning landscape. Your comment reminds me of the use of ‘ultimus’ of both Britain and the Britons in Catullus and Horace — the most remote people!

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